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surveillance cameras Surveillance equipment includes a wide range of devices that observe and record people's activities and behavior.  Covert listening devices, miniature cameras, telephone tapping devices, and closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) as well as reconnaissance aircraft and satellites may all be classified as surveillance equipment.  Reconnaissance and surveillance technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade and continues to do so on both a global and local level, as increased awareness of security needs continues.

Many imaging systems include the option for night vision, i.e. FLIR (forward looking infra-red) systems often used on police helicopters and goggles often used by SWAT teams and the military.  Video cameras continue to miniaturize, offering new and increasingly varied applications.  Radio or satellite transmittal of images has opened up new avenues in unmanned surveillance aircraft and is of great importance to military reconnaissance.  Simpler surveillance systems often used in businesses and homes have benefited greatly from these advances.  These systems may be simple or quite sophisticated, often utilizing multiple cameras feeding to a single monitor.  Improved resolution, clarity, color, and ability to work in dark conditions have increased the usefulness of this type of equipment.  These systems are often remarkably affordable and should be strongly considered for business and other security-sensitive requirements.

CCTV camera Of course, there are many factors to consider when purchasing surveillance equipment.  There are all kinds of specialized products out there, and trying to figure out the best setup for your needs can be baffling at best!  Government locations as well as businesses and locations that are dealing with top-secret or sensitive materials most often need a combination of cameras, telephone tapping devices, and sometimes even reconnaissance aircraft and satellites.  But most homeowners and businesses require less complicated systems.  The main component of a typical surveillance system is the time-lapse VCR.  As soon as you plug your wireless receiver into your VCR, you can begin to record footage.  If you add motion sensors, you will have the option of recording only when motion is detected.

While a time-lapse VCR is standard in most surveillance situations, a digital video recorder is a newer option, especially if you have a multiplexer or IP ready equipment, and need high resolution images.

radar surveillance tower Other types of surveillance equipment include radar systems, vehicle tracking devices, and bug detectors.  A radar system uses radio waves to detect the presence of objects in the atmosphere.  A vehicle tracker enables you to monitor a vehicle's location and movements.  A bug detector allows you to detect wireless signals; in other words, it can tell you if someone has placed surveillance on you. features convenient access to selected surveillance equipment suppliers who offer products and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and government applications.

female security guard monitoring multiple CCTV cameras on computer screens
Security Guard Monitoring CCTV Cameras in a Surveillance Room

Surveillance Equipment

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Surveillance Equipment Suppliers

  • GE/Jasco Surveillance Systems
    GE offers a complete line of wired and wireless surveillance systems for your home or business.  Visit their SmartHome products for more information.
  • SpyZone
    Offers spy products, security products, and surveillance systems.
  • Honeywell Video
    Leading provider of digital video and CCTV systems and components, including equipment for specialized applications.
  • SuperCircuits
    Video security cameras, pinhole cameras, and digital multiplex recorders.
  • Bosch Security Systems
    Video surveillance systems, commercial surveillance equipment, and CCTV solutions.
  • Polaris USA
    Features industrial video and security equipment including CCTV, security cameras, remote video surveillance equipment and accessories, time lapse and wireless equipment.
  • Spy Gadgets
    Texas-based firm specializes in professional hidden cameras and spy equipment.  Find telephone recorders, voice recorders, time lapse recorders, digital security DVRs, night vision cameras, vehicle tracking systems and counter surveillance products.
  • Spy Company
    Find surveillance and privacy products, equipment, and accessories.
  • Apex CCTV
    Supplies professional quality CCTV cameras, digital video recorders, and security camera systems.

Surveillance Equipment Resources

  • Axis Communications - Video Surveillance
    This series of articles discusses topics such as video surveillance systems, camera installation, and the tradeoffs between analog, hybrid, and digital surveillance equipment and components.
  • Honeywell Security
    This international supplier and distributor of electronic security systems and solutions features information about their security solutions for various market segments.  Honeywell products monitor and protect millions of homes, businesses and government facilities worldwide.

Electronic Security Industry Organizations

  • Electronic Security Association
    Represents, promotes, and enhances the growth and professional development of the electronic life safety, security, and integrated systems industry.
  • Security Industry Association
    Represents the business interests of manufacturers, service providers, and integrators of electronic physical security equipment.

Surveillance Vendor Directory

  • Surveillance Directory
    This surveillance solutions directory lists surveillance product and service providers throughout the USA.

Surveillance Equipment Solution Providers

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